Which are the best ChatGPT plugins to improve productivity?

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Information availability and productivity are critical in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Several ChatGPT plugins to improve productivity have been added, a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) language model, to make it even more effective and flexible. Plugins are expansions or software components that provide an already-existing program further functionality.

The potent language model known as ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, has revolutionized a number of fields, including customer service and content production. Even while the tool is already rather strong, it can be made even better by employing ChatGPT plugins, which may bring customized functionality and additional features.

However, which ChatGPT plugins are currently the best? Selecting the “best” plugin is almost hard to do with over 1,000 options now accessible in the plugin marketplace, ranging from analytics to tarot card reading. But, we’ve examined ten well-liked plugins that improve the utility and support you in both professional and personal duties.

What Plugins Are For ChatGPT?

OpenAI has made a number of improvements to ChatGPT since its first release. In March 2023, the company extended plugin capabilities in addition to delivering GPT-4 for premium customers, custom instructions, and code interpreter functions.

Plugins for ChatGPT are add-on tools made to improve ChatGPT’s basic features. They enable the model to do calculations, leverage third-party services, and obtain the most recent data. We discuss how adjusting the GPT 3.5 model to your own needs might result in a more consistent output in a different topic. However, you may obtain data from a different organization’s dataset by using plugins.

Only the GPT-4 model is supported by ChatGPT plugins, therefore access to them requires a ChatGPT Plus membership.

The Top ChatGPT Plugins to improve productivity:

Now let’s take a look at some of the top ChatGPT plugins to improve productivity available for download right now. Remember that there are a ton of them out there to explore, and your needs and use cases will determine which ones are optimal for you. Check out our course, Introduction to ChatGPT, and our quick engineering guide if you need an overview of how to use ChatGPT.

WebPilot: One of ChatGPT plugins to improve productivity

With the help of WebPilot, an adaptable open-source plugin, users may interact with web sites more easily and naturally, having conversations with online material. Users may easily request a variety of interactions or information extractions related to the content on the website by inputting a URL into WebPilot. These include not restricted to editing, translating, and other tasks.

WebPilot goes one step further by facilitating interactions with single and many web sites, something that the Browsing plugin does not allow. Users can explore certain themes, look for research findings, or take an interactive learning path to learn about new topics.

WebPilot’s ability to handle various requests for interacting with web sites, collect useful data, and conduct content modifications like rewriting or translating are its main features. With the use of this feature, users may automate and simplify a number of routine web-based processes, doing away with the need for the protracted back-and-forth conversations that are usually associated with ChatGPT.

Smart Slides

In terms of ChatGPT plugins, Smart Slides is an excellent choice if you need to make a PowerPoint presentation but don’t know where to begin. You may set the plugin to function on your presentation with a few easy instructions and some data.

It’s simple to use and made to create eye-catching slide shows for a variety of platforms, including business, education, and personal usage. Link readers and PDF plugins function well with it since it allows you to make a presentation using the content you already have.

Depending on the amount of data you provide, the plugin may take some time to show results.


You can quickly connect to hundreds of applications, including Google Sheets, Gmail, or Slack, and complete tasks right within ChatGPT with the Zapier ChatGPT plugin. All you have to do is ask ChatGPT to do an action for you in another app.

With Zapier, you can leverage a plethora of connectors to accomplish over 50,000 operations across over 5,000 apps with ease. Without knowing how to code or depending on developers to implement the connection, you may connect two or more applications to automate repetitive operations.

Ask a PDF

It might take a while to extract information from PDFs, especially if you find it difficult to copy and paste. A helpful plugin that streamlines the procedure is Ask Your PDF. To utilize the plugin, all you have to do is submit your PDF to the service, copy the document ID it gives you, and put it into your ChatGPT query.

Given the time you’ll save scanning the PDF, it’s worth it even if having to go through a second process to upload your document might be a little annoying.

Hyperlink Reader

The Link Reader ChatGPT plugin is another tool that can assist you in compiling data from many sources. This robust application is capable of comprehending and combining data from a wide range of digital sources, such as Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, photos, and web pages. Because of this, it’s a versatile tool with many applications.

You may easily extract information from websites and summarize articles using Link Reader commands. You may also clarify facts in a Google Doc, assess the tone of a webpage, and look up and validate current news on particular subjects.

Scripted Voice

Although there is a lot of information on YouTube, not everyone finds it easy to watch videos. Transcripts are now available for a large number of films on the site, although it can be challenging to navigate this material. The VoxScript plugin is useful in this situation. When a video has a transcript, it may extract and synthesize important data from the video.

It may be quite helpful to have a textual representation of video material using the VoxScript ChatGPT plugin.

Master Data Analysis

A code interpreter capability was introduced by OpenAI, as we have already explained. Previously known as Advanced Data Analytics, this capability is now included with ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscriptions. You may carry out a variety of data analysis activities with the plugin, including even if you’ve never been in this field before.

The tool will assist you with cleaning, processing, and visualizing the findings according to your specifications after you submit your data. It’s useful for encouraging you to provide additional data to inform the outcomes, which makes it indispensable for information analysis of all types.


For language learners, ChatGPT currently provides basic translation assistance. But the Speak plugin for ChatGPT is really useful if you want a more thorough translation, more context, synonyms, and real-world samples of conversations in the language of your choice.

Last Words on the best ChatGPT plugins to improve productivity:

After searching through the extensive collection of ChatGPT plugins to improve productivity, we have found several solutions that improve efficiency while also adding a new level of flexibility to your ChatGPT experience. These plugins are revolutionary, from the interactive web discussions offered by WebPilot to the power of Smart Slides presentations.

As you incorporate these plugins into your regular chores, keep in mind that ChatGPT is a continually growing world with new tools being released. Continue looking around to locate the plugins that best meet your requirements.

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