What Are The Most Common macOS Sonoma Issues and How to Fix Them?

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The most frequent and common macOS Sonoma issues, faults, and problems will be covered in this section first. The most prevalent issues and solutions It won’t download macOS Sonoma · Among many other issues, the macOS Sonoma installation failed and the battery drained very rapidly.

Introduction: What Are The Most Common macOS Sonoma Issues and How to Fix Them?

A perfectly good Mac may act strangely during or following a software update. Therefore, if you’re having issues with macOS Sonoma, don’t panic. Rather, follow along as we enumerate typical macOS Sonoma problems and provide solutions.

macOS Sonoma Is Not Updating or Downloading

For certain people, the problems could arise even before macOS Sonoma is installed. For whatever reason, you may be unable to upgrade to macOS Sonoma. Possible causes include:

  • inadequate internet access
  • Problems with the download servers on Apple
  • Insufficient storage space
  • Unsupported hardware

Fortunately, if your Mac is having trouble upgrading, you may review our remedies for additional information.

The Wallpaper Got Automatically Changed by macOS Sonoma

With every significant macOS version, Apple usually releases new screensavers and wallpapers. Nevertheless, macOS Sonoma made a quite dramatic wallpaper update, replacing the Lock Screen on all computers with a video wallpaper depicting the undulating hills of the Sonoma horizon.

Although this isn’t strictly a negative thing, Apple has made changes to the way you can change your wallpaper in macOS Sonoma, which makes fixing this issue a pain. Here’s how to restore your original wallpaper:

  • Navigate to System Preferences, then choose Wallpaper from the sidebar on the left.
  • Choose any wallpaper you have already owned.
  • Similarly, to change your screensaver again, pick Screen Saver from the sidebar and follow the same steps again. Additionally, turn off Show the wallpaper here.

Problems with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

After your upgrade, connection issues can also arise. For example, your Mac could not pair with your known Bluetooth devices or connect to the Wi-Fi networks you’ve stored.

In this situation, you should restart your Mac. You can try reconnecting the Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi SSIDs if that doesn’t work. Check out our article on what to do when your Mac won’t connect to Wi-Fi for a detailed list of Wi-Fi fixes.

Regarding Bluetooth, you ought to accomplish the following:

  • Navigate to Bluetooth in the System Preferences menu on the left side.
  • On the Bluetooth device that is giving you difficulties, click the Info (i) button.
  • In the lower-left corner of the window, select Forget This Device. When the confirmation box shows, select Forget Device.
  • To re-pair the device, add it back from the Nearby Devices area.

Problems with Freezing and Lagging

After updating to macOS Sonoma, a number of users have encountered unexpected slowness and freezing in Reddit posts. A CPU or GPU that is under stress is the primary cause of this problem.

Although the exact cause of the issue with macOS Sonoma is unknown, you may take the following steps to lessen the strain on your CPU:

  • Unplug your Mac’s external displays.
  • On your Mac, open Activity Monitor, choose CPU, and end any processes that are using excessive amounts of resources.
  • Think about freeing up some Mac storage.

Reducing transparency in accessibility settings has reportedly been beneficial for certain users. The Disable Transparency setting is located under System Preferences > Accessibility > Display.

Apps Freezing More Often Than Usually

After updating to macOS Sonoma, some apps—especially third-party ones—may exhibit strange behaviour or even crash. On Reddit, other users have brought up similar problems with the integrated Safari app.

Restarting your Mac should be your first step; if it doesn’t solve the problem, see whether you’re running an earlier version of macOS Sonoma. Update your Mac apps if you notice that a certain program is causing you problems. It could be optimized for the quirks of a more recent OS version with a patch.

Additionally, you may try removing and reinstalling the programs to see if it resolves the problem if you continue to observe Mac app crashes.

Unusual Battery Discharge

You could also notice that your Mac’s battery drains far more quickly than it used to, as a result of the GPU or CPU stress.

Disabling video backgrounds, as we previously recommended, is another way to resolve this problem. After that, you should restart your Mac and check to see whether its battery life has improved. If the problem continues, you might need to browse through your Mac’s starting applications and uninstall any software you don’t believe you need.

And of course, see whether this problem has been fixed in a subsequent release of macOS Sonoma.

Loud and Overheated Fans

The heat processing of an overworked Mac is another impact. It’s possible that you’ve noticed the increased noise level of your fans and the heat emanating from the chassis.

Still, this is not a macOS Sonoma-specific problem. Your Mac requires time (and energy) to index and arrange your files for easier searching after updating its operating system. The best course of action is to leave it alone and turn your Mac off while it indexes.

Should your overheating continue beyond the indexing phase, you should review our list of causes for a noisy Mac fan and address each one individually. High ambient temperatures and processor-intensive programs are only two things that influence how quickly your Mac’s fan rotates.

Without a doubt, compared to the previous several versions Apple has released, macOS Sonoma feels a little less finished. However, given Apple’s track record, fixing the numerous problems its devoted customers have brought up will just need a few upgrades.

If you’re just not a fan of macOS Sonoma, you may revert to macOS Ventura and give it a few months for Apple to work out any flaws with incremental releases. Recall that if you want to stay out of trouble, it’s not a good idea to install the newest software as soon as it becomes available.

The Bottom Line

To start with, make sure your internet connection is robust and steady. A shaky connection might make downloading more difficult. Restart the download and your Mac if the issue continues. A fast reboot might resolve transient problems.

Although we have addressed the most common problems customers have with macOS Sonoma, there are still a few concerns. The article goes over the necessary adjustments to make your time in Sonoma even better. Try using a professional screen recorder if you have problems with audio, video conferencing, and screen recording.

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