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What Are The Best Xbox One Open World ZOMBIE Games Of All Time?

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Take a look at our well prepared collection of the best Xbox One Open World zombie games ever and dive into the remaining gaming apocalypse! Take on heart-stopping adventures, explore post-apocalyptic settings, and survive the invasion of the undead. These video games have the right amount of terror mixed with open-world adventure, from intense movement to compelling storylines. Elevate your gaming experience and take on the zombie apocalypse!

Many people enjoy playing zombie games because, well, who doesn’t want to slay zombies? That’s right. The irony is that a lot of them have rather distinct play styles from one another. But what about the open-world zombie video games available on Xbox? They’re not that bad.

The zombie craze is here to stay, there’s no denying that. These classic horror elements are hugely popular in movies, TV series, and video games. You can undoubtedly think of a good number of zombie video games, including the well-known Resident Evil series. On the other hand, you’ve arrived at the perfect spot if you’re looking for a more expansive zombie experience. We’re going to explore some of the top open-world zombie games out there today on the market

Dying Light 2: Save Humanity

Even while there were many excellent zombie games before Dying Light came out, not many had managed to effectively introduce an undead pandemic into the open-world genre. Consequently, Dying Light pioneered several innovations and later on functioned as a kind of template for numerous other open-world zombie games.

The menace that some of the zombies in Dying Light offer is one of the things that makes the game so fantastic. Unlike the sluggish, meandering zombies encountered in many previous zombie adventures, the infected in the game may move quickly toward players, especially at night. This makes players always aware of their surroundings and promotes the utilization of the game’s amazing parkour system.


Since Unturned is a free-to-play game, there’s nothing preventing you from giving it a try right now. Because of the game’s simplicity, imagine a standard voxel game that functions similarly to DayZ or other online multiplayer zombie survival games. Players must forage for items that will help them on their adventure in order to live in the zombie-infested environment they find themselves in. NPCs can also assign tasks to players or advance the plot of the game.

As previously said, you may play this game online with friends to complete the title together. But not every player is amiable—yes, there is a PvP option in Unturned. Some roleplay servers even urge users to stay true to their characters while crafting their own post-apocalyptic narratives. All things considered, it’s a lighter game that’s fun to play. It won’t even cost you a cent, in the end.

In SurrounDead, you enter a world where there has been a zombie apocalypse for five years. Being surrounded by zombies for such a long period wears people down.

This includes your primary character, who is now primarily concerned with merely getting by day to day after embarking on this protracted survival quest. You’ll lead them across perilous terrain to locate better equipment, supplies, guns, and other necessities.

Furthermore, you should be afraid of the humans here as much as the zombies. Sure, some people will assist you, but not everyone will. Thus, gather your belongings, lock yourself inside, or find a secure location to go.

Dead Rising 3

Capcom’s Dead Rising zombie franchise has grown to be legendary. The same studio that brought the Resident Evil series to gamers’ attention also opted to make a zombie game series with even more extravagant action sequences. In Dead Rising 3, the player assumes control of Nick Ramos, a mechanic who must escape a massive zombie outbreak in the Californian city of Los Perdidos.

Similar to previous versions, a variety of weapons are available in this game for use against the undead. To further increase the craziness of the fight, players may even combine regular weapons to create exotic weaponry.

Project Zomboid

Players in Project Zomboid find themselves stranded in a city overrun by zombies. As with every excellent zombie game, the main objective is to survive. Although there are some very significant challenges that players must face, the game compels them to consider their options and the risks they are ready to accept.

Players must gather resources and tend to their many needs, including hunger, fatigue, pain, and mental health, in order to live. A sandbox mode lets players change up several features of the game for a more relaxing or tougher experience, depending on their preferences.

Dead Rising

We include one more Dead Rising game on our list, and how could we not include the first one? This extravagant action game, akin to Dead Rising 3, emphasizes physical fighting more than other forms of warfare. Instead of being confined to a location, Dead Rising takes place in a mall where players may explore many stores in search of supplies and weapons while battling a swarm of zombies. Although it may seem corny, the game was a huge hit when it was first released in 2006. It was some time before PC gamers could experience this game, but happily, it was released in 2016 on the platform.

Night of the Dead

It’s a zombie wave survival game called Night of the Dead. Although the plot is a little thin at the moment because the game is still in early access, expect updates as it develops. The protagonist of the game is a young lady named Lucy who was abandoned to perish on an island after being a part of a scientific experiment. You discover that you are not the only creature living on this island, which exacerbates the situation. Would you like to meet any zombies?

To stay alive, players will need to start exploring right away in order to locate new tools and supplies. Players may also construct defense buildings against the hordes, but in the end, you’ll need to venture outside of your comfort zone and explore the vast island. Finding the tools needed to send out an SOS signal in order to leave the island is the ultimate objective. Even though it’s an early access game, there are cooperative gaming options.


An independent game called Dysmantle makes players become survivors. Aeons after civilization collapses, gamers will surface from their underground bunker. When you finally reach the surface, you will see the monsters that have destroyed the earth ever since you left. The undead are thriving right now, making it harder for the survivors to survive. Players will need to break apart things with a crowbar in order to reveal valuable resources. You will eventually be able to construct and improve your tools in order to break apart larger items. You’ll need to fish and cook in addition to obtaining supplies to keep your vitals up.


A group of inmates is placed into a location in the multiplayer online survival game Scum, and they have to make an effort to live. There is a 64-player cap on each match, and the victor gets a shot at freedom. Seasonal updates are being delivered to the game, which is still in early access, and gamers can expect more material from the devs. It will take effort to advance your character’s abilities, and there are a ton of new places to discover, tools to acquire, other players to fight, and other dangerous obstacles like mindless zombies. It may be a really difficult survival game, so you might want to give it a try if you’re looking for something competitive.

Conclusion to The Best Xbox One Open World ZOMBIE Games

These are very interesting to playout. In other words the best Xbox one open world Zombie games are very captivating.

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