What Things You Need To Know Before Travelling to Italy: From Planning to Packing ?

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Prepare for an unforgettable travelling to Italy with our comprehensive manual! From important planning tips to savvy packing advice, discover the whole lot you want to realize earlier than embarking on your Italian adventure. Unlock the secrets to navigating the subculture, savouring neighbourhood cuisine, and maximizing your travel experience. Pack your luggage with self assurance and immerse yourself in the beauty of Italy!

Considering a vacation to Italy? There’s nowhere else to look. Italy might prove to be the vacation of a lifetime, full with stories, legends, and stunning architecture. To ensure that you don’t make a mistake that might turn your ideal vacation into a nightmare, there are a few things to consider before you go. For a list of seven must-know items before visiting Italy, keep reading!

Costly mistakes: the do’s and don’ts while travelling to Italy

One of the best pleasures of any vacation is exploring a new place. Nothing is quite as satisfying as finding undiscovered places to explore and fresh perspectives to uncover. But recently, a couple who apparently followed Google Maps and ended up trapped on a mountain pass learned the drawbacks of blindly following unfamiliar directions. The local emergency services then had to come to their aid.

Due to this, the Sardinian village—known for its untamed scenery and meandering pathways—took precautions and put up signs along its roads warning visitors not to rely on Google Maps. There have been 144 requests for rescue in the area in total.

Avoid using maps on your smartphones:

When travelling, smartphones and user-friendly maps are everyone’s best friends. Finding eateries, coffee shops, and attractions has never been simpler thanks to the clear directions and flexibility to filter results based on what you’re searching for. However, it’s crucial to sometimes check up on things or you can get lost!

Popular maps frequently overlook impassable routes because they compute the shortest path to any given destination. While it may not matter much when you’re walking through a forest to get to a supermarket, it becomes crucial if you intend to drive there.

Don’t forget to verify your rail pass.

The vast network of railroads and public transportation is one of the main advantages, as most individuals who have travelled throughout Europe would attest. Trains are a great method to cover a lot of land quickly since they allow you to move between cities and embark on beautiful day excursions.

But sometimes navigating the rail system is a bit intimidating, so why not utilize the user-friendly ItaliaRail instead? It offers round-the-clock customer support in English, shows the complete train timetable for the day, and lets you buy tickets for up to 20 people at once. Oh, and Rome’s Termini Station boasts a VIP lounge!

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to check your ticket before boarding any regional or local train in Italy. You should notice a green and yellow machine at the station where you may insert your ticket to get the date and time stamped.

Even though it’s a simple process, one of the most crucial things to know before visiting Italy is how to validate your ticket. The fact that this restriction is only listed in small type (in Italian) on the back of your train ticket and is not well-publicized by the railroads themselves often leaves many travellers unaware.

Watch out for the “daily specials.”

Although we may be prejudiced, we at Walks are pleased to state that Italy is one of the best countries in the world for wonderful food. There is truly something for everyone here, including a variety of cheesy treats, pastries, vegetarian alternatives, and more traditional regional specialties. However, one thing diners should be mindful of while dining out is the menu’s costs.

Many people view vacations as an opportunity to indulge. While it is true that you will have to pay for very wonderful food, there are worse things than realizing at the end of the meal that you have been overcharged for a simple supper when you receive the bill.

You should be rather safe if you stay away from the popular tourist eateries, but here’s another fantastic tip: be sure to price-check the menu (even for drinks!) and steer clear of anything marked as a special (which typically don’t have pricing specified).

Specials are frequently the priciest dishes available, so if you don’t ask a waiter or see the price printed upfront, it might end up being very pricey.

Carry little

Of course, this applies to practically any vacation; the objective is always to discover methods for bringing less and packing lighter. However, this is especially true for travel to Italy, where the streets are frequently mediaeval and tiny. Many of the significant pathways and walks are in need of restoration since they have been harmed over time by the weight of rolling bags, therefore construction work to repair them is ongoing. However, bringing less would not only benefit the city but also improve the quality of your trip.

We assure you that carrying a 20kg luggage all the way up the Spanish Steps is an epicurean undertaking. Additionally, because you’ll probably want to purchase a few souvenirs from your vacation to Italy, it helps to have extra space for more luggage.

Fortunately, there are some ways to reduce the weight of your luggage, such as using the amenities provided by the hotel and doing your laundry while you’re there. Your trip will primarily be about taking in the sights and sounds of the city, unless you’re planning an opulent escape. However, if you’re organizing an opulent getaway, you should definitely check out our list of Rome’s chicest hotels.

Stay away from restaurants where the waitstaff is outside.

In whatever city, they exist. There are tourist traps at every prominent location and destination, and Italy is no exception with its abundance of things to see and do. These locations will appear quite welcoming from the outside, but their real purpose is to entice you in and then spit you out. But when you dig a little farther, you’ll see why they’re lying.

Unwary tourists seeking a true Italian experience are met with little portions and expensive menus. They are not only among the priciest spots to have a bite to eat, but their menus are also typically the least interesting and varied.

Purchase your tickets in advance.

Everybody desires a carefree, unhurried vacation. While many tourists believe they may walk right into popular sights at the last minute and skip the line, this seldom happens. Paradoxically, the key to a stress-free travel is to plan ahead as much as you can. You just need to enjoy the fruits of your labour if you do as much preparation as you can in advance. You won’t have to worry about the specifics when you get there! When organizing a vacation to Italy, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to get tickets well in advance for any destination you like to see. This might imply planning weeks or even months ahead of time.

Always have cash and a card with you.

This one has caused some debate in travel advice articles, with some arguing that relying just on cards is sufficient. The main issue with this is that you have no other options in the event that card payments are declined or the machine malfunctions. Although most locations in Italy have ATMs and card readers, it’s advisable to be cautious rather than sorry.

Keeping different payment kinds (and places to hold them) separate helps guard against theft or loss. Take out a certain amount of cash for an emergency backup, making note of how much you take out. If things go wrong and you don’t use it before your vacation is over, you may put it back in your account.


As you put together to explore the spellbinding landscapes of Italy, consider that cautious planning and considerate packing are the keys to a continuing tour. Embrace the wealthy tradition, indulge in scrumptious delicacies, and create lasting recollections. With these insights, you’re well-equipped to make the maximum of your adventure through the stunning landscapes and vibrant cities of Italy. Safe travels and revel in each moment of your Italian escapade

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