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With the help of Pokémon GO Plus, users may engage with the game without taking a look at their smartphone. Poké GO Plus links to smartphones through Bluetooth low energy and tells users of nearby Pokémon and PokéStops. It is usable with both iOS and Android* devices.

Pokemon GO Plus Plus Research Quest

To improve the gameplay experience and promote good habits, Pokemon GO added several features and devices. Poke GO Plus PLUS, a wearable device that pairs with your smartphone through Bluetooth, is one of these devices.

The Poke GO Plus Plus research special research mission has also been made public by the mobile game. Catching Pokemon, spinning PokeStops, and sleeping with the device for seven days are all required tasks. Poke Balls, Berries, Stardust, XP, and meetings with Pokemon like Snorlax are some of the prizes.

Pokemon Go Plus Plus: What Is It?

Catch Poke without looking at your phone by pairing the Pokemon Go Plus + devices with Pokemon Go. It is a little gadget that uses Bluetooth to link to your phone so you can begin recording your sleep or spin PokeStops and fire Poke Balls. Additionally, you may use this device with Great Balls and Ultra Balls. You may take part in Special Research if you connect your Poke Go Plus + to your Pokemon Go game. Additionally, in that game, Snorlax sporting a nightcap can be seen.

Catching Some Z’s: A Special Pokemon GO Plus + Research Quest

Although the specifics of the original study have not yet been made public, it is known that many trainers can get Special Research through Pokemon Go Plus +.

However, advancement needs device use, including seven days of task-tracking sleep. Additionally, only trainers who got the Pokemon Go Plus + gadget and connected it to their Pokemon Go game are available for the special research goals.

The objective involves several tasks that include capturing Pokemon, spinning PokeStops, and using the gadget to monitor sleep.

The needs and rewards for the unique Special Research are shown below.

  1. 20 Poke caught in PokeBalls equals 25 PokeBalls.

      2. 10 Pokemon must be caught in Great Balls or Ultra Balls for a 15x Great Ball.

      3. 15 PokeStop spins provide 2000x Stardust

In addition, the quest’s final prize is a Snorlax dressed as a new Pokemon character and wearing a nightcap. The challenge will also be open after the event is over, making it available to anybody who later purchases a Pokemon Go Plus smartphone.

What Are The Best Ways To Use Pokemon Go Plus +?

The following tips will help you get the most out of your Pokemon Go Plus + smartphone.

  • Before using your device, make sure it is completely charged.
  • Use Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls alternatively.
  • Catch Pokemon using the device, even while it’s in your pocket or bag.
  • Use the Pokemon Sleep app to check your sleep records.
  • To help you wake up or fall asleep at a regular time, use Pikachu’s speech reminders.
  • Additionally, you may use the gadget to identify the ideal locations and times to capture Pokemon in addition to completing the research objective more quickly and easily.

Pokemon GO Plus + Features 

  • A better gaming experience

You may link this gadget to your Pokemon GO game with the new connection, the Pokemon GO Plus +. It provides an easy way to play without monitoring your screen all the time. It includes several enhanced functions and settings as compared to its previous edition.

One of these options is the auto-throw functionality, which lets you toss a PokeBall at a dangerous monster without having to think about it. You no longer have to be afraid of failing to collect prizes from PokeStops thanks to the auto-spin function. To further enhance your gaming experience, you may change the settings to switch between tossing Great Balls and Ultra Balls.

  •  Sleep Monitoring

The Poke GO Plus +’s Sleep Tracking feature is important. Before going to sleep and after waking up, click the release button to measure your sleep data and check the findings on the Sleep Graph. You may ask Pikachu to perform a variety of tasks in addition to tracking your sleep. It can sing you a tune and keep track of your sleep. Even the mouse monster will sing songs to try to help you sleep better. With the help of this function, you and Pikachu may develop closer relationships and unlock new alarm sounds.

  • Unique Bonuses

There are two unique benefits available to you. One must link their device to access these settings. A unique Pikachu sporting a nightcap appears on the famous AR game created by Niantic when you link your device to the Poke Sleep App. Along with this unique Pikachu, you can also get Snorlax, another uncommon pocket monster. If you connect your device to the Poke GO app, you could run into a Snorlax sporting a nightcap. Additionally, having the unique Pikachu in your hands will let you raise the special Snorlax. It’s important to keep in mind that you can only meet Snorlax after finishing the Special Research mission.

  •  Size and charging duration

You may catch pocket monsters in the wild with the aid of the Poke GO Plus Plus, a stand-alone device. Inside the box are a strap with a clasp, a USB charging cable, and an instruction booklet. The device’s dimensions are roughly 64.5 mm in diameter and 18.3 mm in thickness, not including extensions. It is a lightweight, comfortable device that weighs about 50 grams. With its battery capacity, it will be easier than ever to catch pocket monsters, win awards, and gather drinks and fruits. Utilizing the USB Type-CTM connector requires 3 hours and 30 minutes to fully recharge the device’s battery. Power utilization is efficient thanks to the lithium-ion battery.

  • Usability and restrictions

The device is suitable for Android handsets running Android 7 or newer, which is the last thing to mention. Except for the iPhone 6 and earlier versions, iOS users can use the gadget on smartphones running iOS 14 or higher. On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch TM systems are useless with this gadget. It is therefore essential to review the system needs for your smartphone and the related applications before buying the device. Nintendo also offers a short warranty for the Poke GO Plus gadget. It is advised to visit their official help site for additional in-depth information.


The Poke GO Plus + research project is a unique research project that honors the impending release of Poke GO Plus + and Pokemon Sleep. Additionally, finishing the quest might result in a variety of rewards, including meetings with rare and strong Pokemon. Additionally, the quest is accessible to any trainers who have access to the device, but advancement requires using the device.


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