What Are The Best Things To Do In Temi Tea Estate And Around It?

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Reputedly regarded as one of the greatest in India and the world, it is the only Temi tea estate garden in Sikkim. There is production of high-quality tea that is in demand on the global market. The garden is spread out on a hill that slopes gently. The trade name “Temi Tea” is also used to sell some of the tea grown in this garden.

One of the most picturesque gardens in Northeastern India is Temi Tea Garden, which is tucked away near Ravangla. It is regarded as the greatest tea estate in the world as only organic fertilizers are used to make the tea, which results in flawless quality and year-round tourism.

The approach going to this tea field is quite intriguing, lined with lovely cherry blossom trees. It is a pleasant experience to stroll down the road into the fields. You will be won over by the verdant tranquillity and the aroma of several kinds of tea leaves. Staying at this house is an adventure in itself, aside from exploring the garden! Sikkim’s Temi Tea Garden is the perfect place to relax and have fun with your loved ones.

The Ideal Time To Go To Temi Tea Garden

March through May are the ideal months to visit this picturesque location since Temi Tea Garden is decked up in vibrant fields of rhododendron and orchids throughout these times. Wintertime’s clear, crisp weather is ideal for touring and spending some rejuvenating time in this amazing environment. November is a great month to visit if you wish to go throughout the winter. This magnificent sanctuary is enhanced with blossoming cherry blossom trees and lush green ferns.

Activities in and around Temi Tea Estate

Because of picturesque hamlets like Narsing, Kewzing, Borong, and others, Ravangla is incredibly well-known for village tourism. Adventure seekers may walk up Maenam Hill, those interested in animals can visit Maenam animals Sanctuary, and those just want to relax can visit Borong and Ralong Hot Springs.

Waterfall of Khangchendzonga

Nestled atop a hill, Khangchendzonga Waterfalls offers an amazing view of the cascading cold water splattering over the verdant surroundings. One of the most picturesque tourist destinations in the vicinity of Temi Tea Garden in Pelling is this waterfall, which originates from streams created by Mt. Khangchendzonga’s melting glaciers.True adventure seekers can best utilize the ropeway to cross the stream, but if you want to see the base of the waterfall, you’ll have to climb up the rocks.

Lake Khecheopalri

There are a few short woodland pathways that go to Khecheopalri Lake if you want to feel the excitement of hiking. It’s the ideal spot to unwind in the middle of nature because of the soothing sounds of birds singing and the refreshing breeze. The place of worship is also renowned for granting wishes and aspirations. Even better, you are welcome to return and spend the night camping here.

The Rock Garden at Sewaro

Sewaro Rock Garden is a must-visit if your ideal getaway consists of an enjoyable picnic with your loved ones. This spectacular location features eye-catching fountains, luscious green gardens, flowing streams, and much more. On January 14th, Maghe Sankranti, also known as Maghe Mela, is a religious celebration celebrated by the villagers who take a holy bath in the stream. As part of the celebration, there are a variety of adventurous activities available.

Waterfalls at Rimbi

One of nature’s marvels, the flowing waterfall that creates the magnificent Rimbi River is renowned for its peace and tranquility. Enjoying a variety of enjoyable sports, like swimming and fishing, is ideal on this lovely river. Don’t forget to sample the Assala dish prepared locally at Rimbi Waterfalls, as this particular type of fish is only found here.

Ruins of Rabdentse

Rabdentse Ruins, one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Pelling, is easily accessible by foot from Pemayangtse Monastery. The Archeological Survey of India states that this tourist attraction is significant to the country.This archeological monument, which Chadok Namgyal founded in 1670, is unquestionably worthwhile to include in your sightseeing itinerary.

Accommodations In Sikkim Close To Temi Tea Estate

The following two lodging choices are excellent choices if you want to be nearest to Temi Tea Estate:

The Cherry Resort

Situated in the middle of a lush, green setting, Cherry Resort is the perfect place to make the most of your trip because of its breathtaking 360-degree view of the Tista River and Mt. Kanchendzonga. This opulent resort offers spacious suites with wonderful views of the surrounding scenery. Cherry Resort, one of the best hotels in Sikkim, has a variety of accommodation types available.

The bungalow Temi Dak

One of the greatest spots to experience the spirit of Temi Tea Garden is the colonial cottage inside the grounds. Constructed during the British occupation of the Indian States, this roomy bungalow is the most popular choice for lodging among visitors to the Temi Tea Estate.

Two completely carpeted bedrooms with all the contemporary conveniences including en suite bathrooms, geysers, cozy mattresses, and roomy wardrobes are included in this tastefully decorated villa. From this historic bungalow’s glass veranda, you can take in the lovely views of the surrounding greenery. Your vacation experience will undoubtedly be enhanced by sipping your evening tea in front of the grand tea estate’s gorgeous views and warm, inviting interiors.

Bottom Line

The Temi Tea Factory, where you can sample a range of tea tastes and see the complex process of producing tea, is one of the highlights. The Teesta River meandering through the valley and the surrounding mountains are both spectacularly visible from the garden’s vantage position.

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