3 Top Most Funniest SNL Skits Ever

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“Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” The iconic line, which ends the first skit of the evening and heralds the SNL Skits “cold open,” has served as an appeal for unity for the medium for many years. Since its debut in 1975, Saturday Night Live has transformed the “comedy skit” into a distinct genre. But back then, the program was known as NBC’s Saturday Night, and George Carlin, the well-known comedian, presented it.

While Saturday Night Live has seen some changes, its basic structure of a celebrity host, a musical guest, and a rotating cast of performers and writers has not altered. Some well-known and hilarious sketches have endured throughout the years, and they frequently combine bold satire, political criticism, and foul language. The finest SNL sketches in that lengthy and glorious past are so hard to narrow down to just a handful, but a few stand out.

September 24, 2023, updated by Kristy Ambrose After nearly 50 years, Saturday Night Live is still going strong and has plenty of love and laughter to offer. When it appears like the public is growing bored in Saturday Night Live, something occurs in the pop culture zeitgeist that revitalizes the program. These are a few more of the funniest SNL sketches that have been included for everyone’s mental health, whether they are set in the post-apocalyptic or Brave New World. Just consider how funny these years will seem to all of mankind in the future.

2018’s Career Day

Adam Driver made his second appearance on Saturday Night Live as the celebrity guest host, and he was brilliant in the character of Abraham H. Parnassus in the sketch “Career Day.” Driver was spoofing an old-fashioned, crusty oil baron, with the lead character from the movie There Will Be Blood serving as the most apparent example.

Actors who were only attempting to contain their emotions were outclassed by Driver in writer Eli Coyote Mandel’s directorial debut, which became an immediate smash. Pete Davidson, who portrays the unfortunate son Mortecai, merely has to hold back his amusement as he handles his father’s antiquated outburst and his friends’ mockery.

HBO Mario Kart 2023 Trailer

The Last of Us’s HBO debut drew a great deal of praise, suggesting that the era of video game to live-action adaption has finally here. That being said, not every video game can translate into a successful motion picture. The combination of Pedro Pascal’s recent SNL hosting duties and his roles in a number of sketches, including this parody teaser for a show based on a well-known video game, hilariously backfires.

Although it appears to be The Last of Us, it’s not.Mario Kart is a game that can destroy friendships, so there’s a lot of drama around it, but this video makes it seem more like Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s a mystery how Pascal manages to maintain his composure as the stoic Mario, especially once trash-talking, shotgun-wielding Luigi joins him. Despite being a more recent addition, this SNL sketch will go down in history as one of the funniest ever.

Tom Hanks in Black Jeopardy (2016)

Whether or not its audience agrees with its political commentary, Saturday Night Live has always done so. Here, they examined the phenomena of Trump voters in an intriguing way by utilizing the regular farce Black Jeopardy. When the comedy debuted in October 2016, the election was expected to be tough and acrimonious. One of the funniest SNL skits ever was born out of this disagreement.

In the midst of this unrest, which had only just started, Tom Hanks made a surprise return as a celebrity guest. He played Doug, a devout MAGA supporter who went on Black Jeopardy in an attempt to “win some money.” During his journey, he discovers that he has more things in common with neighbours

Nutrition in Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood (1984)

A mimic of the well-liked children’s television program Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood was one of the most audacious early routines starring the then-developing Eddie Murphy. In this rendition, the story took place in what was once referred to as “the ghetto,” and the protagonist talked about his day-to-day experiences—many of which involved dodging the law enforcement.

Betty White and MacGruber (2010)

A mimic of the popular 1980s program MacGyver was called MacGruber. It chronicled the adventures of Will Forte’s MacGruber, the primary character, and other recurrent figures. Although it has been airing since 2007, one of the best SNL skits of all time comes from the 2010 show, in which Betty White plays MacGruber’s grandma.

The skit adheres to the standard format. When MacGruber is preoccupied with anything other than defusing a bomb, the device detonates. With Nana around, things are a little different this time around. She can tell MacGruber a lot of shaming stories from his early years before he explodes them all to pieces.

White Like Me, (1984)

Eddie Murphy created this little mockumentary about the actions of white people when they are “alone together,” in a SNL skit that is uncannily similar to what Dave Chappelle would have created in his early years. It’s humorous, but it also has a serious undertone, and for the early 1980s, it was a daring move.

Murphy puts on a “white face” and visits several locations in New York to see how different receptionists, bankers, and store owners treat him now that he is “white.” Murphy’s voice and general mannerisms are hilariously altered to seem more Caucasian, which heightens the satirical effect.

More Cowbell (2000)

A cowbell was heard in the background of this well-known song by Blue Oyster Cult, although not many people recognized it at first. But now that this SNL skits has happened, a whole generation will constantly insist on wanting more of it.

Final words on SNL Skits

Even in the most ridiculous situations, Christopher Walken was known for maintaining his composure, and even if his skits weren’t really hilarious, they were all known for their bizarre plots. This sketch combines both of those things, along with Will Farrell’s comedic skills, to create one of the funniest and most memorable SNL skits ever.

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